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IFF in America The University of Texas

Chosen by the University of Texas at Austin, USA. The IFF team participated in the training camp, and the program, which is the first of its kind, was developed in partnership with the University of Texas – Austin Global Innovation Laboratory (GIL). The camp is concerned with empowering women in entrepreneurship around the world.

IFF is part of the Women’s Empowerment by the University of Texas and KAUST

With a selection made by the University of Texas and KAUST University in Jeddah, many companies that have applied for selection were screened for the training camp, which began at KAUST University and ends at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. The program, which is the first of its kind, was developed in partnership […]

IFF Nominated for Global Business Outlook Awards

Global Business Outlook Awards seeks to recognise and reward excellence in businesses around the world. It is designed to facilitate the outstanding work of businesses and business leaders across industries. … Global Business Outlook Awards prides itself on an efficient, fair and prompt judicial process.

Saudi Gazette mentions IFF among the Astrolabs accelerator program nominees

As part of the team’s continuous pursuit of development, IFF was selected in the AstroLabs accelerator program. Astrolabs team has great experience in assisting leading companies and accelerating their businesses. IFF was selected among many companies applying to join the accelerator, based on the selection of the committee that screens applicants and selects the most […]

Part of IFF’s participation in the Jeddah Creativity Award

In the presence of the jury of the Jeddah Competition for Creativity, the team presented a brief presentation on the role of the IFF. In serving the youth, encouraging the opening of new projects and facilitating the acquisition of equipment. It’s done by ensuring training in the Arabic language, local guarantee and providing the necessary […]

IFF’s participation in the Astrolabe Demo Day in Riyadh 2019

The team participated at Astrolabs Demo Day, and presented the business model in front of a large group of experts in the field, investment funds, the press, and those interested in the field of entrepreneurship in the Arab and Saudi regions in particular. The demo included the idea, concept and philosophy of IFF in the […]

A Panel Discussion Between Saee & IFF among BIAC discussions

A panel discussion about the pre-Corona business plans, the development of alternative plans to meet the challenges of the pandemic, and the post-pandemic future vision.  

IFF Wins First Place in the International SeedStars Competition

After several filtrations, IFF won first place at the Seed Stars Competition in Saudi Arabia. IFF pitched at the finals before the jury composed of international, foreign and Arab arbitrators. All of whom have great experience in the field of entrepreneurship. The jury praised the advanced results and the pioneering and societal role of the […]

A scene of the Taqadam Accelerator Program by KAUST University in the presence of IFF

After the team finished the training camp at KAUST University that lasted about six months, IFF passed to the finals, which included 16 other companies. IFF was one of the most influential within the training camp. The IFF team also received praise and appreciation from those in charge of the Taqaddam Business Accelerator Program affiliated […]

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