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Anet Et4 – 3D Printer Kit

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3D printer with Auto-leveling, Filament detection, Resume printing after power off, Assembled In 10min, 2.8-inch touch screen, Safty grade, high print quality

Working Volume
1.75 mm
Arabic Manual or Video
Arabic Manual or Video

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Working Volume
1.75 mm
Arabic Manual or Video
Online tutorial session

How to use a Anet Et4 – 3D Printer

  1.  Use a 3D modeling program (CAD) to design your object or insert a downloaded 3D file into the Slicer software.
  2. Anet Et4 – 3D Printer neet to Transfer the sliced file into the printer and Start a print

Specifications for Anet Et4 – 3D Printer

  • PC connection required: yes Technology: Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
  • Print Extruder: 1
  • Printing Volume: 22x22x25 cm
  • 3D Printing Speed: 150mm/s
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Printing resolution: 0.1mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Connecting Type: Online and Offline 3dPrinting
  • Display: LCD 7.1 Cm Colored Touch Screen
  • Travel Speed: 150mm/s
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Printable Filament: PLA – ABS – HIPS – TPU – PETG – Nylon etc.
  • Recommended Filament: PLA
  • File Support Format: STL- OBJ – JPG
  • Extract File Format: Gcode
  • Other features:
  • Extruder Temp: 250℃
  • bed Temp: 100℃
  • Hotbed Material: Aluminum Hotbed and Tempered Glass
  • XY Axis Position Precision: 0.012mm
  • Z Axis Position Precision: 0.004mm
  • Color: Black+Red
  • Frame: All Metal Frame
  • Generate Support Auto: Yes
  • P/S: EU:220V AC 240W/US:110 AC 240W O/S: Win, MAC
  • 3D-Slicer Software: Cura, Repetier, Simplify3D
  • Working Temp: Temp: 0-40℃, Humidity: 5-80%
  • Anet Et4 – 3D Printer Made in China
Working Volume
1.75 mm
Arabic Manual or Video
Online tutorial session

Uses of the Anet Et4 – 3D Printer

  1. ET4 model 3D printing technology putting students as inventors, Instead of consuming the creations of someone else, they became inventors who can identify needs and resolve the problems
    Design & engineering students can print 3d maquette and many more educational purposes.
  2. Auto-leveling, Et4 3D printer Measures automatically 25 points on the print platform, Which saves time from labor-intensive leveling tasks.
  3. Filament detection, one of the issue while printing a 3D Objects you get out of filament, Et4 3D printer fix it by adding Filament detection shows on screen to avoid air-printing.
    power outage(Resume printing after power off), Anet Et4 Model Recover from exactly where it stopped. No worries about unexpected power outages.
  4. Auto Filament Assignment, loading and unloading the filament become easier with Anet- ET4 printer as you only one click for this job.
    Assembled In 10min, Et4 3D printer Modular design with quick assembling in 10min.
  5. 7.1 cm Touch screen, full-colored touch screen with english languages.
  6. Integrated Cables, Terminal pinboard in Et4 printer design with integrated connection ports, wires and a more sleek appearance.
  7. Protection function, Industrial grade chipset that allows more accurate, fast print. Protected with safety features like overcurrent protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, pre-over-temp alarm.(turn off the heating switch automatically) (LCD screen doesn’t work when detected with no light and no voice) Et4 3d printer keeps you safe.
  8. Dual Z,Y-axis, More Accurate Printing, ET4 printer applies dual Z-axis rods and motors also dual Y-axis to make sure the smooth and accuracy of every slight movement.
  9. Frames are metal in ET4 3D printer, All metal unibody design has a more stable and reliable structure with compact size.
  10. Et4 3D printer allows you to custome sittings, Support personal features, including manually set up fan speed, print speed, heated bed and nozzle temperature.
  11. Anet ET4 3dprinter support Quick heating bed in less than 5 minutes.

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