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Cricut Joy Light Grip Mat 11.4×30.5 cm

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Cricut Joy Light Grip Mat soften the release of lightweight materials. Its durable glue secures everyday paper items, and lightweight cardboard in place while cutting or drawing.

*Only compatible with CricutJoy

11.4x30.5 cm

140  SAR

(VAT Inclusive)

140  SAR

(VAT Inclusive)


How to use Cricut Joy Light Grip Mat 11.4×30.5 cm

  1. Keep the transparent cover attached to store the mat and keep it dust-free for long life.
  2. use only with cricutjoy

Specifications of Cricut Joy Light Grip Mat 11.4×30.5 cm

  • 1 reusable machine mat 11.4 x 30.5 cm
  • Secure lightweight materials such as standard paper, lightweight cardstock, and vellum
  • Made of durable  Cricut Mats

Uses of Cricut Joy Light Grip Mat 11.4×30.5 cm

  • size of printer paper in pixels
  • Parchment Paper
  • Light cardboard paper
  • Wrapping paper


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