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DTF T-shirt and hoodies A3 Printer

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DTF L1800 Printer A3 Heat Transfer PET Film Printer supports white paint, for Dark and Light T-Shirts, Hoodies, Garment and most fabrics. No need to pre-treat clothes. After printing the PET film with the DTF printer, it can be transferred directly to the T-shirt with a heat press. It is faster and gives better results than DTG printers.

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How to use the DTF A3 printer for T-shirts and hoodies

  • Take the printer out of the package
  • Follow the instructions in the manual
  • Print the film using the printer
  • Apply adhesive powder to all parts of the image printed on the film
  • Dry the adhesive with the heat dryer or by passing the film through the thermal laminator
  • Put the T-shirt inside the heat press for ten seconds for the purpose of ironing, straightening the T-shirt and expelling moisture
  • Put the film on the T-shirt, on top of the silicone sheet or Teflon film, and insert it into the heat press, at an approximate temperature of 170 degrees Celsius, for 40 seconds.
  • When finished, leave the T-shirt until it becomes cold. Then slowly remove the film. Put the silicone sheet or Teflon on the T-shirt inside the press for 15 seconds.
  • Remove the silicone sheet and the T-shirt is ready

Ink consumption and printing time

  • Average A3 T-shirt printing time: 7-10 minutes
  • Average A4 T-shirt printing time: 3 to 5 minutes
  • Production capacity: average 1 liter ink
  • Prints an average of 2000 colored T-shirts
  • Included with the device is a 100ml ink cartridge
  • Almost 100 t-shirts are printed

Specifications of DTF T-shirt and hoodies A3 Printer

  • L1800 print head DTF printer
  • A3
  • Water resistant
  • High definition printing
  • Preheating & temperature controlled, (prevents ink droplets from flowing)
  • Automatic timed white ink stirring, (prevents print head from clogging)
  • Temperature & humidity real-time monitoring system
  • High color density, wide color gamut, excellent color saturation.
  • Outstanding performance
  • Supports windows computer system

Included items DTF T-shirt and hoodies A3 Printer

  • A3 modified printer
  • free printing via Rip software
  • fix bottles inks in WCMYK
  • 100 sheets PET film

Make sure before buying؟

The printer is a category of Epson printers, which has been modified by another company For this reason, it is not subject to warranty or maintenance

Make sure what is yours before buying؟

  • The complete contents of the device from printer– inks – paper – program – powder
  • Online education and training on the printer for a full day, and this does not include teaching or training the design program
  • Practical application to the program

What are the maintenance solutions؟

  • Choosing good inks and papers that help in the life of the printer head
  • Withdrawing the inks on a daily basis through the withdrawal needle
  • Electric and automatic cleaning of the printer
  • Follow up with an external maintenance technician specialized in Epson printers

What are the disadvantages of the printer؟

  • The biggest defect facing the printer is the printer head, especially with white ink, which is the heavy ink Which greatly damages the printer head
  • The normal period for changing the printer head is between 4-8 months and may increase or decrease according to your use and interest in the printer, and the value of the head is 1500 riyals, not including installation
  • The filters are usually dry and the inks need to be changed from time to time
  • Poor quality paper and inks speed up the clogging of the print head

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Uses of DTF T-shirt and hoodies A3 Printer

  • Customize your hoodies
  • Personalize t-shirts
  • Print on pillow cases
  • Create unique baby clothes prints
  • طابعة DTF A3 للتيشرتات والهوديز
     5 out of 5

    افضل من ايبسون بمراحل صحيح طريقة شغلها مختلفة لكن نتائج ولا احلى

  • طابعة DTF A3 للتيشرتات والهوديز
     4 out of 5

    اكثر من ممتازة صحيح اجراءات الطباعة شوي اطول يدوية ولكن النتائج افضل من الطابعات السبلميشن

  • طابعة DTF A3 للتيشرتات والهوديز
     4 out of 5

    الوحيدة تطبع لون ابيض وعلى كل الاقمشة ما يفرق بوليستر او قطن

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