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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine KF2000 GW

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Super-powerful laser cutting and engraving on metals and high thicknesses

GW American laser source

2000 Watt
8 mm
Working Area
300 x 150 cm
Arabic Manual or Video
Online tutorial session

197,800  SAR

(VAT Inclusive)

197,800  SAR

(VAT Inclusive)

2000 watt
8 mm
Working Area
300 x 150 cm
Arabic Manual or Video
Online tutorial session

Specification of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine KF2000 GW

  1. Fiber Laser source 2000w GW
  2. Laser Head: Switzerland Raytools BM110 with Autofocusing function
  3. Lathe bed: High-temperature annealing process bed
  4. Transmission system:  Dual-drive, precise rack and pinion
  5. Guide rail:  Taiwan PMI
  6. Speed Reducer: Japan SHIMPO
  7. Servo motor:  Japan FUJI
  8. Water chiller: CWFL-2000
  9. Control System  : Cypcut
  10. Pneumatic element: SMC from Japan
  11. Auxiliary Parts:  Exhaust Fan
  12. Computer: Lenovo Industrial Computer
  13. Made in China

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2000 watt
8 mm
Working Area
300 x 150 cm
Arabic Manual or Video
Online tutorial session

Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine KF2000 GW

  1. High efficiency: high-speed digital motion control, especially for high-speed, high-precision laser cutting.
  2. Stable running: adopting gantry structure with synchronous bilateral gear and rack drive, and high-strength aluminum beams enhance its stability.
  3. Low energy consumption: photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30% which can save energy and power.
  4. Electric power consumption for this type fiber cutting machine is only about 20%-30% of the traditional Co2 laser cutting machine.
  5. High technology: full application of laser technology, mechanical technology, numerical control technology, and other advanced technology.
  6. Easy to maintain and the cutting surface is smooth, with no burr, saving time and labor.
  7. Cut steel, aluminum, stainless steel , signs , panels
  8. letters , lamps , models , products , names , metal logos

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