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doesn't print on clothes.

Funsun size A3 -UV-DTF- flat and cylinder surfaces – Stickers printer

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Funsun UV-DTF printer, allows direct printing with 3d embossed and varnished effect on flat and cylinder objects, such as phone covers and bottles. print on uneven surfaces by printing on a DTF film 1st then sticking it to your surface such as helmets and cars.

Working Area
Arabic Manual or Video
Online tutorial session

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Working Area
1440x1440 DPI
Arabic Manual or Video
Online tutorial session

How to use UV-DTF printer for flat surfaces

  1. place flat surface such as phone cover on the machine platform
  2. create your design on a design software
  3. process the design (where you need to add varnish or emboss effect)
  4. start printing directly on the object

How to use UV-DTF printer for cylinder surfaces

  1. put the cylindrical fixture on the machine platform
  2. put the cylinder object example bottle on the fixture
  3. create your design and process it
  4. start printing directly on the bottle

how to use UV-DTF printer for uneven surfaces

  1. put the DTF clear label film (A) on the machine platform
  2. turn on the suction option / the machine will automatically absorb the material
  3. create your design
  4. print on the film (A)
  5. when printing is done put film (A) on the lamination machine which will cover film (A) with another film (B)
  6. remove film (A) to be able to stick your design on any surface
  7. press the design whith your hands then remove film (B) and you are done!

Specifications of the UV-DTF printer

  • print size: 30×50 cm / A3
  • print hight: 12cm
  • weight 105kg
  • ink type: UV ink
  • ink channel: CMYK W W + 6 varnish
  • resolution: 1440×1440 DPI
  • photo format: JPG, PDF, EPS, PNG, TIF, PS …
  • voltage: 110×220 V 50-60 HZ 300 W
  • supports white paint
  • 2 epson DX6 heads (1st head is for CMYK & white / 2nd head is for varnish)
  • Materials (plastic, acrylic, wood, leather, metal, glass, cards …)
  • print on flat surfaces, cylinder surfaces or DTF films for uneven surfaces
  • doesnt print on clothes
  • print on DTF films
  • vacuum suction function for holding the DTF film and keeping the film in place
  • automatic mixing function for preventing ink precipitation
  • automatic cleaning function
  • water cooling box for UV lamp
  • 3d embossed and varnish effect
  • made in China
Working Area
1440x1440 DPI
Arabic Manual or Video
Online tutorial session
  • Uses of Funsun size A3 -UV-DTF- Stickers printer

  • Customized Water Flask With DTF UV Printer
  • Print directly on mobile cases using a DTF UV printer
  • customize stickers for your laptop
  • Add stickers onto your car
  • start your small business for customized items


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