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Hologram Surface Vinyl – 5 colors set

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A collection of five beautiful colors of holographic vinyl. changes colors when viewed from different angles, cut the smallest details using cutter plotters. Use on surfaces such as mobile covers, notebooks, PVC cards and cars.


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How to cut and use Hologram Surface Vinyl

  • place the vinyl in a plotter machine, such as cricut or cameo.
  • Adjust the plotter machine’s settings to 40 force and 12 or 13 speed before cutting your design.
  • Once your design is cut, use transfer tape to apply it onto your desired product.
  • Use a heat blower or heat press to secure the vinyl onto the product for a few seconds.
  • To print on a mug, use a heat blower to heat the mug for 3-5 minutes after transferring your design.

How to print vinyl using laser printer

  1. Adjust the printer’s label printing settings.
  2. Print the desired logo or image onto the vinyl sticker.
  3. Apply a protective adhesive film over the printed vinyl.
  4. Use a cutter plotter to trim the edges of the logo, without removing the sticker yet.
  5. Place a silicone sheet or foil on the sticker and feed it through a thermal laminator, setting the temperature to around 175-180 degrees.
  6. Once the laminating process is complete, carefully peel off the logo from the sticker, and your vinyl is ready to use.

how to print vinyl using sublimation printer

  • Begin by printing your photo onto thermal sublimation paper using a Sawgrass or Epson sublimation printer.
  • Cover the heat press with plain white paper to protect it.
  • Place the printed sublimation paper onto the vinyl and put a silicone sheet on top of it inside the heat press.
  • Set the temperature to 200 degrees and the time to 60-80 seconds with medium heat press pressure.
  • Remove the sublimation paper so that the image is printed onto the vinyl.
  • Paste the printed vinyl onto your object and insert it into the press again for 5 to 10 seconds to permanently fix it.

**Additional Tips:

  • Use lamination paper and a laminator set to 160-170 degrees for matte vinyl.
  • Lamination paper is not required for gold, silver, opal, and hologram glitter vinyl.
  • Place a heavy object on plastic or acrylic surfaces, like cards, to flatten them after using a heat press to fix the vinyl.
  • When printing on mugs, attach the sticker tip to the cup and slowly rotate the cup while spreading the sticker for a perfect application.
  • For thermal vinyl, invert the design before cutting.

Customizing PVC cards with vinyl

  1. print on your viny the design that you want in the size of the pvc card
  2. transfer the printed vinyl onto your card using a ruler
  3. cut the excess vinyl
  4. press the card for 2 sec in a heatpress
  5. place the card under something heavy for and let it cool so the card stays straight

Specification of the hologram vinyl

  • size: 30x30cm
  • Adhesive stickers
  • Used on different surfaces: cups – glass – shields – cars – decoration
  • Available in these colors: White hologram changing to light paper-Light pink hologram changing to yellow-Dark pink hologram changing to orange-Purple hologram changing to blue-Green hologram changing to teal
  • *Note: real colors may vary from the images* The vinyl is compatible with laser printers / for printing with a sublimation printer make sure to follow the above steps carefully

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Uses of Hologram Surface Vinyl – 5 colors set

  • Customize your car with holographic stickers
  • Customize your gym flask with durable hologram vinyl
  • Personalize your laptop by adding your own vinyl design
  • add a creative touch to your notebooks

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Vinyl used on many surfaces such as cups – glass – cars – and decorations.

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