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MCM Modified Clay Tiles – Soft Stone – Fair-Faced Concrete

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Enhance your living space with our Modified Clay tiles. Offering countless beautiful designs and unmatched flexibility, they blend into the ambiance of both indoor and outdoor settings whether on ceilings, walls, or any other surface. Made from natural stone powder. Waterproof and fireproof, providing durability that withstands corrosion and fading for more than 50 years!. they enhance air quality in your living space, are recyclable and easy to apply.

60*120 cm
0.2-0.33 cm

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How t0 use MCM Modified Clay tiles indoors with silicone:

  1. Begin by cleaning and drying the surface to be tiled
  2. Take precise measurements to ensure accurate tile placement
  3. Apply silicone to the back of the flexible tiles, leaving some space along the edges to prevent excessive seepage
  4. Carefully stick the flexible tiles into their designated locations
  5. Smooth out the tiles using a plastic roller, eliminating any protrusions or imperfections
  6. Keep in mind that silicone can be directly applied to various surfaces like ceramic, wood, or glass.

How to use MCM Modified Clay tiles outdoor with adhesive

  1. Ensure the substrate is clean and dry.
  2. Take accurate measurements for a precise fit.
  3. Apply adhesive paste on the back of the tiles, creating serrated patterns with a scraping tool.
  4. Start from the top and paste the tile on the substrate, compacting it with a clapper tool.
  5. To achieve seamless results, use masking tape on the end of each tile where they meet.
  6. Fill the seams by using a plastic piping bag filled with caulk.
  7. Once the caulk is semi-dry, reinforce the seams with suitable reinforcement bars.
  8. Remove the masking tape and clean the surface using a dry sponge.
  9. For outside corners, cover the sides with masking
  • This adhesive needs to be used on a treated substrate, meaning the walls should be cement


  • Be cautious not to pollute the surface of the product during the installation process.
  • Avoid folding the product in half prior to installation, to prevent cracks

Specifications of MCM Modified Clay tiles

  • Material: MCM Modified Clay Materials
  • Lightweight construction for easy handling
  • Thin profile adds elegance to any space
  • Strong flexibility allows for versatile applications
  • natural stone texture for an authentic look
  • purifies the air and absorbs odors
  • grade A fireproof
  • waterproofing capabilities
  • impact resistance
  • Durability ranging from 50 to 70 years
  • Controls moisture effectively to prevent mold formation
  • Adheres seamlessly to various surfaces, including cement, painted walls, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, and more, using specific adhesives
  • Enhanced flexibility and molding capabilities thanks to the glass fiber hanging net on the back
  • Not recommended for ground use
  • Crafted from natural stone powder for eco-friendliness
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Offers effective indoor temperature control
  • Retains its original color as it is made from natural stone
  • Facilitates fast installation, easy transportation, and cost savings.
  • Made in China
  • *Colors in images may vary from the actual product

Use Modified Clay tiles for

  • Restaurant kitchens and food preparation areas.
  • Veterinary clinics or animal care facilities for their hygienic properties.
  • Outdoor seating areas in cafes or restaurants.


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Modified Clay Tiles

Modified Clay Tiles for a stunning addition to your home decor

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