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POLARTNEW Laser transfer paper for Hard surface A4

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laser paper for hard surfaces. Accepts printing in white. Prints on all products, not subject to sublimation treatment products, such as cups, acrylic leather, metal, PVC employee cards, and many solid materials. It also allows the use of gold foil when printing cups. Compatible with many laser printers


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How to use POLARTNEW Laser transfer paper for Hard surface A4

  1. Choose in the paper printer settings heavy paper or label.
  2. Print the design in reverse, except in the case of printing on a transparent product such as acrylic.
  3. fix POLARTNEW print sheet on the product, then place a silicone sheet, then cover with a polyester cloth.
  4. Set the temperature at 150 degrees and the time according to the product.
  5. wait for the product to completely cool before peeling the silicon sheet

General Tips for POLARTNEW Laser transfer paper for Hard surface A4

  • The temperature varies from heat press to another so you can increase or decrease the temperature
  • Remove the paper when the product has completely cooled down
  • Design software such as Illustrator.
  • reverse printing unless the object is transparent
  • to secure the print more you can put the object in an oven for 15sec at a temperature of 180C
  • it is also possible to spray a layer of varnish
  • Choose heavy paper or choose label in the settings
  • For use on ceramic mugs, plastic, vinyl, brushed metal, and other hard surfaces.
  • can be printed using the new Oki white toner printers.
  • self-trimming

Needed items

  1. Polyester insulator which is placed over the paper during pressing
  2. silicone sheet
  3. laser printer

Usage table

PEN 150Co 40-50sec High pressure -Place a silicon sheet above the object and paper, then cover them with a polyester fabric

-All applications should be removed after t­he object cools down

-after printing on PVC cards put a hard object on top of the card to get it back to it’s original form

-reverse printing unless the object is transparent

CARTON (big logos) 150Co 100sec High pressure
CARTON 150Co 80sec High pressure
0.5CM ACRYLIC 150Co 140sec High pressure


150Co 150sec High pressure
SMOOTH PAPER 150Co 70sec High pressure

COPPER (without white color)

150Co 120sec High pressure

COPPER (with white color)

150Co 150sec High pressure
MOBILE ALUMINUM COVER 150Co 120sec High pressure
WOOD 150Co 120sec High pressure


150Co 60Ssec Low or medium pressure
PVC CARD 150Co 50Ssec High pressure
CERAMIC MUG 150Co 160sec High pressure
bonded paper 150Co 25sec High pressure
Smooth Paper bags 150Co 80sec High pressure
Smooth envelops paper 150Co 70sec High pressure

Uses of The POLARTNEW Laser transfer paper for Hard surface A4

For application on ceramic mugs, ceramic tiles, magnetic sheeting, vinyl, plastics, brushed metal, and other hard surfaces

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  1. Arabic

    عبدالوهاب زهران

    انواع خشب محددة يشتغل عليها ولكن بقية المواد تمام شغل الورق كويس

  2. Arabic

    سلطان السريحي

    ليش ما تنزلوا من نفس النوع مقاس كبير A3 انا اخذت واضطريت الصق ورقتين فوق بعض عشان اعمل طباعة اكبر

  3. Arabic

    منى سلام

    افضل ورق معادن على النحاس المنيوم اما السبيمليشن كان تجربة سيئة

  4. Arabic

    سليمان غليم

    انا اعتبره واحد من أفضل انواع الورق الحراري

  5. Arabic

    سالم الجهني

    نوعية رائعة وتقدر تطبع عليه باللون الابيض

  6. Arabic

    عبدالكريم الحكمي

    /متاز ممتاز جربته على الاكواب السيراميك والمعدن

  7. Arabic

    زاهر المالكي

    طبعه الورق كويسه على اجلد

  8. Arabic

    جابر العوامي

    انا جربته على طابعه الليزر طلع كويس بس اعتقد في انواع ورق افضل

  9. Arabic

    ميرال حسين

    ياريت توفروا منه مقاس اكبر مثلا A3

  10. Arabic

    ديمة الحسيني

    حبيت عندكم انواع ورق مختلفة بس انا مهتمة اكثر بالطباعه على الاكواب والعلب الخشب وحجرب ده الورق

  11. Arabic

    عبدالعزيز العوفي

    اخذت الورق وكانت تجربة موفقه شكرا لكم

  12. Arabic

    سيد سليمان

    جميل جدا يستحق التجربة

  13. Arabic

    رشا الحربي

    حبيت نوعية الورق

  14. Arabic

    احمد الغامدي

    مفروض يكون ورق شامل حتى مع الاقمشة مثل ورق سبلميشن

  15. Arabic

    بن ضافر

    السعر غالي !

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