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Smart Codey Rocky Robot

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A coding smart and funny robot that teaches programming from STEAM education. Let your child enjoys two amazing kinds: the Brainy Codey and the Agile Rocky programming robots. You can give orders and it will follow your commands – more than ten different command packages that measure plant moisture and a remote control for endless play and ideas.

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$ 123

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Item Dimensions
4.99 kg
Arabic Manual or Video

How to Use Smart Codey Rocky Robot

  1. Download the program from the App or the Android Store on your Computer.
  2.  Open the Software and add the Emotion Blocks. It comes with the 4 functions when you open it. The Drive Draw and Run and the Code Functions.
  3.  Connect to the Bluetooth, once it is connected hold the phone in front of the codey rocky and it will connect automatically.
  4. It has an arrow button function if you want to go up, down, right or left.
  5.  Start Coding the 3 parts :  Into the Adventure World, A New Friend and Find the Exit.
  6.  It contains emotion functions such as happy, sad, angry, surprised and other emotions.
  7.  Remove the mat if there is any to enable it to move and drive easily.
  8.  Start pressing the control button of the direction you want it to move.
  9.  The Coding function enables the robot to teach the basics of scratch coding. It comes with a tutorial.
  10.  Press the start button and it starts with a drag and drop functions.

Technical Specifications of Smart Codey Rocky Robot

  •  Ages 8 and above.
  •  Enjoy the Brainy Codey Robot that has more than 10 programmable electronic modules.
    Enjoy the Agile Rocky that can swirl and follow lines and go around obstacles.
  •  Allows children to create dot matrix animations, design games and realize AI and IoT applications.
  •  Codey Rocky comes with learning resources and tutorials supporting children to learn programing.
  •  It is provided with copious references, constantly updated tutorials, and creative projects, inspiring
  • children with imagination and creativity.
  •  With built-in Wi-Fi, Codey Rocky quickly connects to the Cloud, realizing its IoT1 functionality.

Parts List of Smart Codey Rocky Robot

  1. Excellent Face Screen Protector (2X) from unexpected attacks of kids and pets and is against scratches.
  2. Face shield for invisible Heat, Water Resistance and damage. No bubbles or creases Professionally cut to fit your Codey Rocky.
  3. IR Transmitter
  4. Gear Knob
  5. Integrated 6 Axis Gyroscope
  6. Speaker
  7. (3) Buttons
  8. IR Receiver
  9. LED Display
  10. RGB Status Indicator
  11. 11-Light Sensor
  12. Voice Sensor
  13. Infrared Proximity Sensor
Item Dimensions
4.99 kg
Arabic Manual or Video

Uses of the Smart Codey Rocky Robot

  1. Enables children to understand each command intuitively and hardware creation.
  2. Through games and application, children will be able to learn about the logical thinking and principles behind AI as well as how to interact with machines.
  3.  Teaches the child how to start commanding and how making the robot follows the orders.
  4.  Developing computational and STEM thinking skills through fun and playing.
  5. It provides an entertainment learning experience of programming for children.
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  • روبوت كودي روكي الذكي
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  • روبوت كودي روكي الذكي
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  • روبوت كودي روكي الذكي
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    فكرته حلوة ومسلي للاولاد تحس جيل جديد ماهو مثل ايامنا العاب بسيطة مشي حالك

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