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Terms & Conditions

Terms &Amp; Conditions 1

1. Warranty is for two years on machines only. doesn’t include mal-usage or spare parts. IFF Maintenance department is who determines the spare part. Some of them will be written in the specifications, and others will not be.

2. Return is within 24 hours of payment. And return of machines will be for real causes such as manufacturing defects, and not because of difficulty of use or learning how to operate the machine.

3. The request to return any purchase will be through the e-commerce store, via the online chat service. And to record a request, and get a ticket number with the request to ensure the validity of dates.

4. Returns are not accepted when the customer doesn’t know how to operate the machine, after he got the support session. Or if the item didn’t match the expectations or demands of the customer. Any purchase is the full responsibility of the customer.

5. Verbal conversations with customer service is not counted in evaluating the product. The official information of any product is what’s written in the website specifications only.

6. Returns due to late shipping: the shipping cost back and forth from client’s address will be deducted from the refund amount, and then order will be canceled. (Returns for special orders are not permitted.)

7. In all cases of returns: the shipping cost back and forth from client address is payable by the client. Except for the delivery of wrong orders.

8. In case of refunds: the product should be new, never used, or opened & with original packaging. Otherwise, the refund is not permitted.

9. The discovery of any defects should be within 24 hours of receiving the order. Otherwise, there will be no refunds, and only warranty services will be provided.

10. When the customer receives his order or has accepted to ship it to his address: means he is aware and accepts the the product is new and doesn’t have any defects.

11. IFF is not liable for any breakage to the products or spare parts in case of damage during shipping.

12. Special orders from customers ordered from outside Saudi, based on customer requirements or because warehouse unavailability, is not refunded, exchanged or  canceled. Neither is the downpayment returned.

13. Technical support sessions for explaining the machine usage is via the official IFF Support email only. Teaching doesn’t include on how to use design software, or on execution of art works.

14. One free technical support session is provided online, within two months period of buying the machine.

15. The customer doesn’t have the right to ask for the down payment after payment, or after 10 days of not being able to complete his order value, or due to a change of mind. The customer has no right to ask for the order, and order is recorded as canceled.

16. Landing charges of undelivered goods starting counting after 30 days.

17. Maintenance takes place at IFF Maintenance center, and shipping the machine both ways will be on the customer’s expense, even if the machine is still under warranty. Or the customer should buy from his local area.

18. IFF is not responsible for the products left in the maintenance department, after one month has passed without the customer taking their machines back.

19. The customer should read the Terms & Conditions in the invoice, or via the website, to guarantee their rights.

20. Reading the Terms & Conditions by the customer means they accept them. Terms & Conditions are not open for interpretations or change of meaning.

21. For refund requests that have been paid via credit card, the refund goes back to your credit card. It takes up to 10 business days. And the deposit duration will vary according to service provider. Your request can be followed up through the chatting service.

Last update on Dec 27, 2021.

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